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The garage door is an integral part of a commercial or residential place. While keeping the entire property safe, the installation of a strong garage door helps the occupants to attain mental peace. Here, at ‘Valley Garage Door Service & Repair’, we are committed to providing the best quality service of garage door installation, maintenance, and repair in Apple Valley and its surrounding areas. Our professionals are dedicated and provide their clients with a satisfactory service that they deserve.

Offering round the clock service

You can contact us anytime as per your requirement. We are ready to provide you with an emergency service.

The best solution

Considering the condition of your garage door, our experienced professionals are providing their clients with the best solution.

Reasonable price

At ‘Valley Garage Door Service & Repair’, we are committed to providing the clients with quality services at a reasonable price.


Residential Garage Door Repairs in Apple Valley, MN
There is no need to get tensed if the garage door of your residential place can be found in a damaged condition as you can hire us for residential garage door repairs in Apple Valley , MN.
Commercial Garage Door Repairs in Apple Valley, MN
You can hire our service to get the faulty garage door of your commercial place in a proper condition. We provide our fastest and best quality service for commercial places in Apple Valley, MN
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Our Services

Our company is one of the most reliable companies providing the best quality garage door related services.

Garage door installation:

Keep your valuables protected with the installation of a strong and durable garage door.

Garage door repair

Bring the garage door back into its function by repairing it with the hiring of our experienced and efficient professionals.

Garage door maintenance

Sustain the functionality of the garage door and keep it strong with the hiring of the service of garage door maintenance.

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Garage door replacement

If there is a requirement of replacing the existing garage door with a new one, you can consider hiring the service from us.
Why choose us

You may wonder when there are a number of companies that can be hired for garage door repairs, garage door installation and garage door maintenance in Jordan, MN why people would hire our service. There are a number of reasons why people make a contract with Valley Garage Door Service & Repair when they face a requirement to hire garage door or gate related service.

We try our level best to provide our clients with a hassle-free service of garage door repair in Apple Valley, MN.

We are one of the most reputable companies for garage door installation, maintenance and repair services in Apple Valley, MN.

At Jordan Garage Door Pros, we are committed to providing people with the best quality garage door installation and repairs in Apple Valley, MN at the most affordable price.

We offer emergency garage door repairs at Jordan and surrounding areas in Minnesota.Our professionals are efficient and have a great experience in this field. They provide swift and quality garage door related service in Apple Valley, MN.